Paulina Fain's new book, "The flute in tango" is easily the most comprehensive, thoughtful and and inspiring publication to date on this important musical subject. Though it's geared towards flutists, the book can easily be used by any musicians who play the melodic  "lead" instruments - violin, saxophone, clarinet, etc., to learn the most authentic tango style and technique.  As an American classical player,  I had no idea - until I worked with Ms. Fain -  of the myriad of possibilities.  Her book is beautifully laid out, easy to use and the ideas are clearly presented and demonstrated in the accompanying CD.  
I enthusiastically encourage anyone who loves the tango to pick up a copy, convince your music library to purchase one or more, and start to play tango in the most authentic style. Bravo, Paulina!
Stephanie Jutt 
Professor of Flute at UW-Madison School of Music
Founder and Director of Arts Enterprise of UW-Madison

"Wonderful book for any flautist!
I ordered this book about 4 months ago after discovering that Paulina Fain is one of Argentina's best flautists and an expert in her field. I am a classically trained flautist in the UK and I have been working through all the musical examples with joy. I have learned so much from this method and only have great things to say about it.

Paulina Fain writes clearly about her ideas and plays great examples to demonstrate tango style on the 2 CD's that come with the book. I have been playing Piazzolla's flute music for 10 years, and it is so nice to see some new ways to approach not only this repertoire but other tangos as well. Also Fain includes her own compositions in the book which are really beautiful.
If you are a flute player looking to try out a new playing style, this book will inspire you in more than just tango repertoire, it will have you learning new ways to interpret melodies, extended techniques and improvisation. This will soon be on all flutists shelves along side Moyse, Wye and Taffanel."
19 Oct 2010, published in Amazon by Jessica Quiñones.
"I have dedicated my life to tango. It is the source of all my joy and my livelihood. So it is gratifying to know there are works afoot that carry on this work. I have no doubt in my mind that this fundamental method will convey the subtleties of expression inherent to our popular music." Emilio Balcarce
"I welcome this work. It brings us closer to our roots through the Works of successful artista, bringing to Light the complexity implicit in the music that characterizes the Argentine people the World over: tango." Leopoldo Federico